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high quality rock wool
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Rock wool is an inorganic fiber made of natural rocks such as basalt, gabbro, dolomite, iron ore, bauxite, etc., which are melted at high temperature and fibrillated. The slag wool is an inorganic fiber made from industrial slag such as blast furnace slag, phosphate slag, fly ash, etc., which is remelted and fiberized. These two kinds of fibers can be processed into various products such as plates, tubes, felts, belts and papers. They should be used for insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption and earthquake resistance of construction and industrial equipment, pipelines and furnaces. Rock wool board. Rock wool tube. Rock wool felt.
1, thermal insulation performance
The good thermal insulation performance is the basic characteristics of rock wool and slag cotton products. Their thermal conductivity is usually between 0.03 and 0.047 W/(moK) under normal temperature conditions (about 25 ° C).
2, combustion performance
The burning properties of rock wool and slag wool products depend on the amount of flammable binder. Rock wool and slag cotton are inherently inorganic silicate fibers, which are non-flammable. In the process of processing into products, organic binders or additives are sometimes added, which have certain effects on the combustion properties of the products.
3, sound insulation performance
Rockwool and slag cotton products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption properties. The sound absorption mechanism is that the product has a porous structure. When the sound waves pass, friction is generated due to the flow resistance, so that part of the sound energy is absorbed by the fibers. It hinders the transmission of sound waves.


Thickness (mm)30-15030-100


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