Rock Wool 80kg M3 Density

high heat oven insulation rock wool
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Product Details

rock wool 80kg m3 density

Main application:

Insulation for external wall, roofing and floating floor

Insulation for big sized pipeline

Rock wool originated in Hawaii. After the first volcanic eruption on the island of Hawaii, the inhabitants of the island found a rock on the ground that melted and softened. This is the rock wool fiber that was originally recognized by humans. The production process of rock wool is actually simulated. In the natural process of Hawaii volcanic eruption, rock wool products are made of high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After being melted at a temperature of above 1450 °C, they are centrifuged into fibers at a high speed using an internationally advanced four-axis centrifuge. The agent, the dustproof oil and the water repellent are collected by the cotton collecting machine, passed through the pendulum method, and the three-dimensional method is used for the cotton to be solidified and cut to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses.

Rockwool blanket and board technical data
Density Tolerance±10%
Fire PerformanceNon-Combustible          Reaction to fire Class A1
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK,at 70+-5 ℃≤0.044
Fiber Diameter7(+/-1)um
Shot Content (Shot Size more than0.25mm)≤12%
Moisture Content≤0.5%
Organic Matter Content≤4%
Melting Point>1000℃