Acoustic Insulation Rubber

acoustic insulation rubber
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Class 0, class B1 and Class B2 rubber foam sheet,tube with many dimensions





















1.PE plastic bag

2.PE plastic bag +carton

Note: OEM is acceptable

  • The insulation effect and insulation principle of rubber and plastic insulation board

  • The rubber and plastic insulation board is beautiful and tidy, environmentally friendly, and the construction is also convenient, and the sound insulation and heat insulation effect are also quite good. Because it has a separate and fine air chamber, it can effectively be used for sound insulation. It can be used in projects that require a quiet environment or require noise reduction. It is soundproof and will not irritate the human skin or harm the health of the body. In addition, its coast has a thermal insulation effect, its independent fine foaming structure, the shape of air convection, thermal conductivity is small, and also has anti-corrosion effect, is a high-quality insulation material. Because the rubber and plastic insulation board has strong insulation, sound insulation effect, strong isolation, thermal conductivity;0, 0.325W/MK, like a kettle, it is not easy to spread the heat, the temperature of the external environment is difficult to internal The temperature is affected and the internal temperature is not absorbed, thus preserving the temperature inside.

  • Based on the above characteristics, this product is widely used for heat preservation and heat insulation of various types of water vapor pipelines in the central air-conditioning refrigeration room, construction, shipbuilding, and vehicle industries. And get the ideal use. Due to the softness and resistance of the material, the material can be processed into sleeves and sleeves for fitness equipment, medical equipment, and daily necessities. The installation is quick and easy, the material of the product is soft, and the construction and installation are convenient. For the installation of the pipeline, it can be installed together with the pipeline and the installation progress. It can also be formed by cutting the pipe and then bonding it with professional glue. For complex shapes such as valves, elbows, tees, etc., the plates and pipes are cut according to actual requirements, and then selected according to different shapes and bonded.



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