AC Air Grille

- Dec 02, 2020-

The single-layer adjustable louver tuyere is often used for suction and air supply in the pipeline. At the same time, it can be equipped with a regulating valve according to the actual situation to control the air volume or install an aluminum alloy filter for supporting use. The blades can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical (the blades can be parallel to the long side or parallel to the short side), and can be flexibly rotated left and right or up and down to control the airflow direction.

The louvers naturally sag by the tuyere to isolate the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. When the indoor air pressure is greater than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow will blow the louvers open to exhaust air, and the outdoor air cannot flow into the room. If the indoor air pressure is lower than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow cannot Reverse inflow. The air outlet has a one-way check function, and the shape can be round or square. It is used for automatic exhaust in positive pressure air-conditioned rooms, and can also be used at fresh air outlets and exhaust outlets. The biggest advantage is that it depends on the pressure to adjust the direction of the airflow.

According to the place of use, one-way oblique air supply or two-way oblique air supply can be used. The blade layout is divided into the following two types: this type of air outlet has a novel design and beautiful appearance, which can be used as air supply or return air. The part can be equipped with multi-leaf on-off regulating valve and filter.

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