Discussion On Equipment Maintenance And Maintenance Of HVAC System

- Apr 02, 2019-

At present, the construction industry is increasingly inclined to modernization and intelligence. The related equipment and air-conditioning systems used in buildings are not only large in scale, but also very complicated, so that once a fault occurs, it is difficult to solve it in a timely and effective manner. The existence of this problem has a serious impact on people's life production.

When the HVAC system is in normal operation, it is likely to encounter various situations such as restart and shutdown.

The fluctuations of the system parameters will also be different, and the degree of failure and the time of occurrence will be different. At this time, the detection of HVAC failures requires the establishment of a variety of different models.

This paper mainly analyzes the machine operation stability model, startup model and shutdown model as examples.

The shutdown model is specifically applied when the system stops working. It is usually used to check whether the sensor is normal, whether there is an abnormality in the oil position, oil temperature, voltage, etc. This can also be regarded as a check after the system has stopped working and a recheck before the system is started. Once you find a problem with the problem, you should eliminate it immediately.

The startup model is mainly applied when the air conditioning system is working. The items to be inspected mainly include whether the refrigerator operating pipe is unobstructed, whether the refrigerator is leaking or not.

The refrigerant is directly related to the quality of the HVAC system operation, so on the curve of the air conditioning refrigerant operation, we can clearly see the difference between the normal curve and the fault curve.

The stable model of the machine operation is mainly applied when the air conditioning system is turned on. Relevant personnel should choose according to the actual situation when applying, each method has different advantages and disadvantages.