Analysis Of Four Reasons For High Energy Consumption Of Building HVAC Systems

- Apr 02, 2019-

The reasons for the high energy consumption of HVAC systems are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The design of the air conditioning control system is unreasonable, which leads to the off-high-speed operation of the cold machine, the fan and the water pump. The energy utilization is not high, and the management methods of the cold machine, the fan and the water pump are biased during the operation, and the system switches. Not timely, the air conditioning performance is wasted in unnecessary operating conditions.

The structural insulation of the building adopts the glass curtain wall structure, and the design of orientation and depth is unreasonable, which causes the air conditioning system to have uneven heat and cold in the inner and outer areas, and because the outer area is greatly affected by external meteorological factors, resulting in a season with higher temperature. Cooling is required, and heating is required at low temperatures.

There is an imbalance of water in the system. The insufficient amount of chilled water causes the temperature of the chilled water to be high, and the cooling of the cold machine is inefficient, so that users with insufficient water can not get enough supply in terms of temperature and humidity, which affects the energy saving effect of the air conditioning system.

In addition to the system design of HVAC, there are also a series of problems in the operation and management of the system. For example, the air conditioning equipment is not cleaned in time, and the plugging phenomenon such as filters and condensers appears, which hinders the normal operation of the air conditioning system or enters due to various impurities. The air conditioning system affects the processing effect of the cold machine and shortens the service life of the cold machine.

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