Air Supply Method Of HVAC System

- Apr 04, 2019-

1. The use of the floor air supply system does not require a large ceiling space to accommodate the air supply line and the end device. Compared with the traditional delivery system, the floor air supply system can reduce the floor height by 5%-10%.

2. Since the return air outlet is located on the suspended ceiling, the airflow organization form of the upper and lower return is beneficial to discharge waste heat, residual moisture and pollutants from the use space, thereby ensuring high ventilation efficiency and better living area and working area. air quality.

3. The air supply airflow is sent out at a low position, which preferentially satisfies the health and oxygen content of the air in the lower space. The air supply air is fully mixed with the indoor air, and the dirty air is discharged from the top high position to form an airflow path from the floor to the ceiling. Use more fully.