Air Vents Installation

- Dec 23, 2020-

Installation is also a very important part of the central air-conditioning vents. Generally speaking, the vents should be installed early, that is, they must be installed before the cover is painted, so even if the wall is blurred, there is no doubt that it is the shutter and the wall. There must be a certain gap between the surfaces. After installing the air outlet and painting, the gaps inside can be filled, so as to achieve integration. Points to note for the air outlet device of the central air conditioner: 1. It is best not to set a light trough at the air outlet of the air conditioner. It is very simple to prevent the hot air from reaching the personnel activity area and affect the heating effect. 2. According to experience and experimental data, the horizontal louver is adjusted to 45 degrees during heating in winter, which is the most suitable viewpoint. Too high or too low may affect the heating effect.