Application Of Spherical Nozzle In Practice

- Dec 08, 2020-

The spherical nozzle is a new type of nozzle developed by our company. It is mainly used in concert halls, theaters, museums and other environments where there is a large distance between air conditioning and personnel activities. Product advantages: Because of the aerodynamic nozzle structure planning, it can meet the high noise requirements, and because of its high-quality shape planning, it is suitable for various indoor conditions and technical requirements, and can be used in all air conditioning systems. Installation method: It can be installed on the side wall of a square or round pipe, and can be fixed with bolts or rivets, and a gasket should be placed at the connection. When directly docking with a circular pipe, a pipe with a pipe section can be selected, and the receiving diameter matches the diameter of the pipe. Classification and standards: divided into electric spherical nozzle, adjustable spherical nozzle, fixed spherical nozzle; there are five standards (200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630) for selection. Spherical nozzle product features: 1. When the area of public places (such as various halls and assembly rooms, etc.) is large, when the ceiling air outlet cannot deliver the air uniformly or the effect cannot be achieved, in this case, the The spherical nozzle device sends air on the side. When the temperature difference between the supply air and the room temperature is constantly changing, the supply air flow will shift upward (hot air) or downward (cool air). The air supply direction may also be disturbed by external factors, such as local convective airflow or lateral flow. Therefore, some types of spherical nozzles can be planned as a rotating method. 2. The direction of the air supply can be adjusted manually on the spot, and it can also swing electrically within a range of 30°. Pneumatic or electric control system can be provided according to user needs.