Causes Of Condensation At The Air Supply Working

- Nov 06, 2019-

Causes of condensation at the air supply working

         Causes of condensation at the air supply outlet: The air humidity in the area is large: within the air-conditioning area, due to the unreasonable setting of the new exhaust system, excessive negative pressure is generated, so that unorganized outdoor air enters the room, thus improving The humidity of the air and its condensation dew point; the air conditioner itself uses a large temperature difference to supply air, but the air supply volume and the cooling capacity of the machine itself are not equipped, resulting in excessive cooling capacity and too small air volume; the air supply port is made of aluminum material, due to heat conduction. The performance is better, so that the surface temperature of the tuyere material is too low to condense dew; the method of solving the condensation problem is to minimize the number of door opening, check whether the room is not sealed enough with the outside; increase the air supply volume, try to adjust the wind speed to the maximum or adjust the valve Open as much as possible; if it is a side air outlet, adjust the horizontal louver as far as possible to prevent it from flowing out after the louver condensation; if there are conditions, you can put a thin PE insulation board on the edge of the tuyere.