Central Air Conditioning Air Outlet

- Jul 21, 2020-

The air outlet is an important air distribution device in the central air conditioning system, and there are certain requirements for the size and material of the central air conditioning air outlet. Selection of outlet size of central air conditioner:

The main basis for selecting the size of the air outlet depends on the capacity of the indoor fan coil unit. If the air outlet is selected too large and the air duct is very long, the airflow will be reduced, which will affect the use of the fan coil;

If the air outlet of the central air conditioner is too small, the airflow speed will increase, lack of comfort, and the noise will increase;

Therefore, the air outlet of the central air conditioner should be determined according to the length of the indoor fan coil and the decoration environment.

Central air-conditioning vent material: ABS, aluminum alloy, wood. If you pay more attention to the cost performance, you can choose aluminum alloy vent. On the contrary, if you pay more attention to the decoration style, choose wooden vent or ABS central air-conditioning vent.

Therefore, in addition to piping design and installation, the factors that determine the comfort and aesthetics of central air-conditioning, the selection and design of air outlets are also very important.

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