Central Air Conditioning Vents-classification Of Air Conditioning Vents

- Apr 23, 2020-

The correct installation and design of the central air conditioner is very important. People also pay great attention when buying air conditioners. Although there are professional construction personnel to serve everyone, it is very important to understand the knowledge of the central air conditioner vents and coordinate with the decoration.

Central air-conditioning vents-classification of air-conditioning vents

First, one hundred pages style. The first is the double-layer design. Many air outlets will use this style. The second is the single-layer design. Its characteristic is that it can be adjusted up and down, so it is very convenient. The last is the self-hanging style, which has good isolation effect and obvious one-way check effect.

Second, the stripe tuyere. The fixed design cannot be moved freely, so it will be particularly suitable for the ceiling position.

Third, spherical adjustable tuyere. It is very different from the fixed type tuyere. The main feature is the design of the nozzle type, which is best used in conjunction with the valve. It is more suitable for the occasion with a larger area, such as the airport.

Fourth, the diffuser. This is a very typical air outlet design. Its design mode is very flexible and easy to disassemble, so it is suitable for many occasions and is also the most popular device.

Fifth, swirling tuyere. It is characterized by the form of a rotating jet, which can be used in both low and high spaces.