Condensation Problem On ABS Diffuser

- Sep 15, 2020-

1. Condensation at the air vent is generally caused by high indoor humidity. Please close the doors and windows of the air-conditioned room tightly to prevent the hot and humid air from entering the air-conditioned room. Because the air conditioner itself has a certain dehumidification capacity, as the air conditioner operates, the humidity in the air in the room will gradually decrease, and the condensation will gradually decrease until it no longer condenses.

  2. The indoor temperature is set to a high point. When it is just turned on, it can be set to 26°-28°, and then adjust to the temperature you want after a period of time. Increase the wind speed of the indoor unit

3. Condensation is because the air outlet temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the air. It is enough to make the air outlet as a divergent nozzle, or increase the air supply. If the air duct is too long or the air duct is not smooth , The air duct needs to be modified.

  4. If it is a louver tuyere, you can adjust the blade angle of the edge to generate large turbulence at the outlet and increase the induced wind at the edge, which will also help solve the above problems.

   5. If you think that the wooden tuyere is more expensive, you can stick a thin PE insulation board on the side of the existing ** air-conditioning tuyere to increase heat preservation and reduce the temperature difference.

  6. Problems such as air leakage, unmatched air outlet size, and poor drainage need to be completely eliminated.

  7. The louver tuyere can change the outlet wind direction by adjusting the blade angle of the edge, which may be helpful to solve the condensation problem.

  ABS tuyere is a very good anti-condensation tuyere. The ABS anti-condensation tuyere produced by some factories can pass the special structure of the product, so that a large induction ratio is produced at the edge area when the air outlet is air, and it can also effectively avoid the occurrence of condensation. In addition, the current wooden tuyere on the market can also prevent condensation, but compared with ABS tuyere, wooden tuyere has many defects, such as: non-flame retardant, easy to fade, easy to deform, etc., so the current market The anti-condensation tuyere is still mainly ABS tuyere.