Definition And Usage Of The Vent Flexible Duct

- Apr 16, 2019-

Definition and use of aluminum foil hoses

1. Raw materials - aluminum foil roll, PET film (usually after the two materials are combined, cut into 50mm wide small rolls for use), glass wool roll felt (generally 16kg/m3*25mm or 24kg/m3*25mm, low grade) There are yellow, high-grade red cotton,), black/white PVC rolls, acrylic/silica water, spring steel wire.

 2. Definition and use: The aluminum foil hose is formed by laminated aluminum foil double-pressure spring wire, which can be used as a connecting device in medium and low-pressure air conditioning ventilation system, which can solve conventional hard air ducts such as white iron pipe and glass fiber tube. The problem that some locations cannot be connected; it can be used for exhaust gas and soot emissions.

 3. Performance characteristics:

Flame retardant: good flame retardant performance. All are made of non-combustible materials such as aluminum foil, steel wire, fiberglass cloth and aluminum foil. The insulation cotton is made of high quality glass wool without any irritation to the skin.

Vibration reduction: Silence, excellent vibration reduction. The hose itself is flexible, so that it can reduce the vibration caused by the air supply device on the air duct, that is, it has the function of silencing and damping.

Anti-corrosion: strong anti-corrosion performance. Since the main raw material is made of high-quality, high-strength polyester film, this material has strong chemical resistance and can be flame retardant and anti-corrosion after being combined with aluminum foil.

Energy saving: The hose has high airtight performance and saves energy, thus avoiding the disadvantages of the traditional air duct being easy to leak. At the same time, the heat-insulating hose is coated with a layer of special glue on the inner tube surface, so that the glass wool felt is tightly combined with the pipe wall, and the heat preservation performance is better, and no dew condensation water is generated.

Easy to design: Simplify design. When the end air duct is connected to the air outlet and the static pressure tank in the air supply air supply duct, if the hose connection method is adopted, as long as the air supply amount is considered in the design, the hose diameter can be calculated without considering the pipeline direction, thus avoiding other pipelines. The direction.

Labor saving: easy to install. Because the hose is flexible and flexible, it is easy to avoid other pipes during installation. Only one or two operators are required for construction and installation, which greatly reduces labor, and on the other hand, it is easy to install and the construction period is greatly shortened.

Economy: In addition to the above advantages, the use of the hose is calculated from the overall cost. Due to the preferential price of the hose itself, the construction is convenient, the design is simple, and the design is simple. The popular hose overcomes the old soft connecting pipe and can not be avoided. Burning, non-waterproof, short life, inconvenient installation and other shortcomings.