Different Design Of Air Supplying Diffuser

- Mar 17, 2020-

There are many types of aluminum alloy air outlets, including the following common air outlets:

 1.Double layer louver air vent

Generally used as an air outlet, it can also be used directly with fan coils. It is widely used at the end of a centralized air conditioning system. It can also be used with a bi-leaf regulating valve to adjust the air volume. This air outlet is the most used in aluminum alloy air outlet Frequent air outlet.

 2.Single-layer louver air vent

The wind direction can be adjusted up and down, the return air can be used with the air filter, and the angle of the segment can be adjusted. The fixed filter can be removed from the slideway during cleaning, and can be used after being pushed in from the slideway after cleaning.

 3. Fixed blade oblique air supply vent

According to the place of use, one-way oblique air supply or two-way oblique air supply can be used. The blade arrangement is divided into the following two types: this type of air outlet has a novel design and beautiful shape, which can be used as supply air and return air. It can be equipped with multi-leaf halving control valve and filter.

 4.Self-hanging louvered air outlet

It is used for automatic exhaust of air-conditioned rooms with positive pressure. It can be used at fresh air outlets and air outlets. The air vents sag naturally to isolate indoor and outdoor air exchange. Exhaust air outside, outdoor air can not flow into the room, the air vent has a one-way check function, the shape can be round.

 5.Adjustable swirl air outlet

 The air outlet can be adjusted according to the change of the indoor air-conditioning load to achieve the best air supply effect by adjusting the air supply angle of the blade. The adjustment of the blade can be completed by manual or electric devices. The static pressure box has side openings or top openings. Species, the interface is round

 6. Orifice air outlet

 Compared with single and double louver air inlets and square diffusers, the orifice air outlet has the characteristics of uniform air supply and faster speed attenuation, eliminating the uncomfortable feeling of straight blowing.

 7. Ceiling return air outlet

 The hard aluminum plate is used for punching and forming. It is often used for lobby decoration and return air. It can be processed into different patterns according to user requirements, and can also be used in conjunction with the filter.