Double Layers Aluminum Grille For Air Supplying

- Mar 24, 2020-

Introduction of aluminum alloy tuyere

(1) Double-layer louver air outlets are generally used as air outlets, and can also be used directly with fan coils. Licheng aluminum alloy air outlets are widely used at the end of centralized air-conditioning systems. Air volume.

(2) The single-layer louver air outlet can adjust the up and down wind direction, the return air outlet can be used with the air outlet filter, the segment angle can be adjusted, and ABS plastic fixing brackets are provided between the blades. When cleaning the fixed filter, the filter can be taken out from the slideway, and it can be used after being pushed in from the slideway after cleaning.

(3) Fixed strip air vents are used in heating and cooling air conditioning systems and can be installed on side walls or ceilings.

(4) Self venting air-conditioned rooms with positive pressure are vented automatically. Under normal circumstances, the louvers rely on the weight of the air vent to sag naturally, to isolate the indoor and outdoor air exchange. When the indoor air pressure is greater than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow blows the louvers away and exhausts the air outward. On the contrary, when the indoor air pressure is less than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow cannot be reversed. Into the room, the air vent has a one-way check.

(5) The diffuser is a commonly used air outlet in air conditioning systems. It has uniform diffuse characteristics and a simple and beautiful appearance. It can be made into squares or rectangles according to the requirements of use, which can meet the decoration requirements of any ceiling. The inner core part of the diffuser can be detached from the outer frame for easy installation and cleaning. The rear can be equipped with an air outlet regulating valve to control and adjust the air volume. Applicable to broadcast studios, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, amusement halls, theater lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and stadiums. In order to avoid noise interference and discomfort in various environments, in addition to determining the neck wind speed according to the performance table, the installation height and installation occasions need to be considered.