Four Way Air Conditioning Diffuser

- Mar 31, 2020-

Aluminum alloy air vent is an important part in ventilation equipment, and can reduce the resistance of air flow transmission and weaken the noise to the limit. The aluminum alloy air outlets are all selected from high-quality aluminum alloys, and are integrated into advanced production technology. They are widely used in many occupations. So what are the functional advantages of aluminum alloy air vents? Let ’s take a look at it together: First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the aluminum alloy fire vent and the box is well sealed. Second, when installing multiple external coolers and heaters in parallel, in addition to sealing the joint gap between the boxes, the gap between the external coolers or heaters should also be sealed. In addition, the fins of the external cooler and heater are generally made of thin aluminum plate, which is easy to be stacked in a large area in the device, so that the air passing through the heater cannot pass through, increasing the resistance of the system and reducing the cooling or heating area. Therefore, maintenance should be performed during lifting and assembly. The fins that have been distorted must be adjusted.

aluminum ceiling air diffuser