Glass Wool Sheets Are Highly Fireproof, Permanent And Non Inflammable.

- May 16, 2019-

How did the glass wool sheets come from? It is mainly through glass wool deep processing, the raw material used is glass wool board semi-finished products, on this basis, after a series of processing procedures, formed now this kind of cotton board with decorative effect and excellent performance, its use in modern life is quite wide, security is also quite high, indeed to a certain extent, to provide our life. Safety and security.


1.Glass wool sheets has a very good sound insulation effect, sound absorption and noise reduction function is quite strong, to a large extent, to prevent the spread of sound, its attraction effect in the same level of products has been widely recognized, the most important thing is that its construction is very simple, can meet the use requirements of different occasions by random cutting, in the cutting process will not feel. It's difficult because the overall texture is soft.                                                                          2. Glass wool sheets has strong aging resistance, so it can be used in any environment without worrying about being corroded. It can resist bacteria and mildew very well. So it can be used for smoking and noise reduction outside the building wall. At the same time, in order to ensure the temperature, it is not necessary to worry about the unhealthy use environment, nor about the corrosion inside the wall, affecting the whole wall structure. It has been welcomed and loved by many people.                                3. Finally, the most critical point is that the glass wool sheets ( has a fairly high level of fire protection. It can be completely insulated in the use process, and can ensure that it will never burn. Even in other unexpected situations such as fire, it will not burn. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire, but also ensure the safety of the area. This is also true. Many institutions and schools, and many factories will use such cotton boards for wall insulation or sound insulation reasons.