High Temperature Resistant Duct With Telescopic Duct And Non-telescopic Duct

- Aug 24, 2018-

The high temperature resistant air duct has the retractable, also has the non-retractable air duct, the attention should be paid to the non-retractable air duct can not be compressed together, in the bending should not exceed its minimum bending radius; The retractable air duct should not be overstretched during stretching and cannot be stretched beyond its standard length. High-temperature duct is commonly used in industrial ventilation exhaust, high-temperature duct is usually will install to the production equipment to use, so high temperature duct diameter size required and connection equipment form a complete set, if the duct diameter is too big, after connected devices may result in outlet air leakage, unable to complete the normal ventilation, if the diameter is too small, duct can't connected to the equipment, and ventilation exhaust wind speed will be limited to a certain, directly affect the normal operation of the equipment.