How To Choose The Accessories Of Aluminum Alloy Tuyere

- Jul 08, 2020-

How to choose the accessories of aluminum alloy tuyere

1. Aluminum alloy tuyere surface cooler and heater fins are generally made of aluminum plate, with large touch area, equipment made of air heater can not pass, resistance and increase the cooling or heating area of the system.

2. When multiple surface coolers and heaters are connected in parallel, in addition to sealing the connection gap between boxes, the gap between surface coolers or heaters should also be sealed.

3. It is necessary to ensure that the aluminum alloy tuyere can greatly limit the air flow transmission resistance and reduce the noise. According to the module, a series of aluminum alloy tuyere standard size muffler shutters are assembled, and various colors of coating are sprayed on the muffler shutters as needed.

The center of the vortex area of the aluminum alloy tuyere forms a negative pressure zone, which induces the adjustable indoor air to mix with the air, and the entire air supply flow level is a stable flow around. The induction rate is 10-20 times that of traditional diffusers.

Because the aluminum alloy tuyere structure material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, combined with special processing technology, the muffler gate can be used under any climatic conditions, and the base frame and the louver are deformed.