How To Use Hydrophobic Rock Board

- Apr 25, 2019-

Hydrophobic rock boardEveryone often hears the term waterproof rock wool board. Actually, in the rock wool board manufacturer, they are called Hydrophobic rock board. This type of product is added with a water repellent at the time of production, so that it can be the product. It does not interact with water, so that it will not affect the product itself when it meets water. Let me introduce you to the correct operation method.


    In the temperature of the working environment exceeds the temperature range that it can withstand, then we can add a suitable outer layer of protective layer on the outside of the corrugated board, so as to avoid the weight and thickness of the product itself under the influence of temperature. Bad changes have occurred. If we want to apply the product to the cold insulation, then we add a layer of moisture barrier on it. Some special materials are used to insulate it at a relatively low temperature, and the moisture barrier layer can be used if it has fire resistance.


   If it is to be used in an outdoor environment for insulation and waterproofing, then we still need to pay attention to the handling of its sealing performance. In the absence of wear, we can use plastic or use metal materials to maintain its sealing performance.


  Secondly, in order to minimize the heat loss of the Hydrophobic rock board during the application process, we must make the joints tight when handling the joints. If we need multiple levels for insulation work, then the staff needs to be designed in an interwoven way to avoid thermal bridges. It is also necessary to avoid the problem of cold bridges in our work of keeping cold.