HVAC Project Design

- Dec 29, 2020-

Choice of air vents:

Air outlet material: aluminum alloy air outlet, plastic steel air outlet, wooden air outlet

Thermal conductivity: aluminum alloy tuyere>plastic steel tuyere>wood tuyere

In places with a high ceiling height, it is generally advisable to adopt the form of downward air supply and side air supply; when air supply is under the high ceiling, diffusers should not be used at the air outlet.

Where there is a large amount of moist air entering, the air outlet should be made of plastic steel air outlet and wooden air outlet with poor thermal conductivity to prevent condensation.

Operating conditions:

1. The installation of general exhaust fan system and air-conditioning system should be carried out after the construction of the building envelope is completed, the obstacles have been cleared, and the ground is free of debris.

2. The installation of the air cleaning system should be done on the ground where the components are installed inside the building, the walls have been plastered, and the room has no dust or dust prevention measures.

3. Generally, the installation of the air duct of the dust removal system should be carried out after the process equipment of the workshop is installed or the equipment foundation has been determined, and the position of the equipment connector and cover is known.

4. Check that the position and size of the reserved holes on site should meet the requirements of the drawings, and each side is 100mm larger than the actual section.

5. The work site must have corresponding auxiliary facilities, such as ladders, shelves, safety protection, fire-fighting equipment, and the technical, quality and safety of the constructors.