HVAC System Parts

- Sep 16, 2020-

Ducting system

The air duct system, as its name implies, uses air as the conveying medium. It uses chillers to centrally produce cold energy, cools/heats the fresh air, mixes it with the return air, and sends it indoors. If there is no fresh air, only the return air is heated/cooled.

The outdoor air duct system can consist of multiple compressors and one air-cooled condenser. The indoor unit is composed of evaporators and circulating fans. The number of units is the same as the number of compressors, and there are many forms such as ceilings. Hidden ceiling, etc. The feature of this system is that the condenser of the outdoor unit is cooled by air. Each compressor and the indoor unit are configured one-to-one to form an independent system. The connection pipe between the condenser of the outdoor unit and the evaporator of the indoor unit can be up to 25m long. Hidden is that the ceiling (indoor unit) can be connected to the air duct and the air supply outlets can be evenly arranged in the room according to the indoor space situation. It can also be connected to the fresh air duct to introduce fresh air. The system completely relies on the refrigerant circulation to complete the air conditioning requirements. The system has existing points The use function of the body air conditioner also has the air supply effect of the central air conditioner.


Advantages: Compared with other small household central air-conditioning types, the initial investment of the air duct system is smaller. The fresh air system improves air quality and human comfort.