Installation Requirements And Operation Of Aluminum Roof Fan

- Apr 16, 2020-

Aluminum roof fan manufacturers are installed on the roof for exhaust ventilation. Due to the particularity of the installation and use environment, the special materials and structure of the fan are determined. The aluminum roof fan is equipped with a device to prevent air backflow after shutdown. Because the fan rotates at high speed under the action of heat pressure, the wind speed in the fan cylinder increases a lot. The fan reverse is very unfavorable for the start of the motor and may be damaged due to excessive starting current.

Aluminum roof fans should be designed to have reliable rain, blizzard, and wind and sand resistance. Wind and snow and wind and sand are not like rainwater, because blizzard and wind and sand will not only enter the fan from the top, and the outdoor wind speed reaches a certain intensity It may also enter the fan from below.


Installation requirements for aluminum roof fan manufacturers:

1. Install according to the position and size shown in the drawing. In order to ensure the rate, the axial and radial gap between the air inlet and the impeller must be ensured.

2. After installation, try to pull out the drive unit to check whether it is too tight or collides with the fixed part.

3. After all the installation is completed, the trial operation of the fan can only be carried out after the general inspection is qualified.

In order to prevent the motor from being overloaded and burned, it must be carried out under no load (close the inlet valve and slightly open the outlet valve) when the fan starts. If the situation is good, open the valve gradually until the specified working conditions. The current should be strictly controlled during operation, and must not exceed the rated value.


Operation of aluminum roof fan manufacturers:

(1) Before starting, the following preparations should be made:

a. Close the air inlet valve and open the air outlet valve slightly.

b. Check the gap size of each part of the aluminum roof fan, whether there is collision or friction between the rotating part and the fixed part.

(2) After starting, when the normal speed is reached, the bearing temperature should be checked frequently during operation. When there is no special requirement for the bearing temperature, the temperature rise of the bearing must not exceed 40 ° C of the ambient temperature; the root mean square of the bearing part The value of vibration speed shall not be greater than 6.3mm / s. If it is found that the fan has severe vibration and impact, and the bearing temperature rises rapidly, it must be stopped urgently.