Maintenance Of Air-conditioning Ventilation Grille

- Sep 01, 2020-

The shutters of the air-conditioning vents are easier to accumulate impurities, including the possibility of being exposed to sunlight which may cause aging. When cleaning, first dry the shutters of the air-conditioning vents, and pay attention to evenness when drying. If it is not dried, the coating of the air-conditioning tuyere shutters will peel off. The air-conditioning vents of some metal products especially need to be dry, and contact with moisture will accelerate the corrosion. After removing the surface stains and water droplets on the air-conditioning louvers, they must be dried again.

Since the lubricating oil will evaporate or lose during continuous operation, it is also a very important step to make up for the lubricating oil. When cleaning, add special lubricating oil to some main moving parts, which can play a good maintenance role. Also, do not use too much force when cleaning and disassembling. Most of the air-conditioning vents are relatively thin, so too much force may break. The air-conditioning tuyere must treat the waste liquid inside it every year or half a year, and the air-conditioning tuyere is disassembled to discharge the waste liquid.