New Slot Air Diffuser

- Dec 16, 2020-

The wide-frame slot-type diffuser air outlet includes: a strip-shaped outer frame provided with at least one clamping groove, an elastic circlip whose bottom is matched in the buckling groove, and an elastic clip whose bottom is matched and arranged in the elastic circlip , The bottom is matched with the strip leaf frame arranged in the elastic clip. The top two sides of the strip leaf frame are longitudinally provided with two arc-shaped grooves recessed inward, and the bottom ends of the two shaped blades are symmetrically movably arranged in the two arc-shaped grooves. And it abuts against the inner wall of the open end of the elastic clip. The utility model is longitudinally provided with a clamping groove in the outer frame, and an elastic circlip is matched in the clamping groove. After the elastic clamp, the strip leaf frame and the strip blade are clamped into one body, the bottom of the elastic clamp is inserted In the elastic circlip, the blade can be rotatably connected with the outer frame, and the strip blade can be manually rotated to adjust the inclination angle of the blade, thereby adjusting the air outlet angle and air volume of the strip blade.