Order Telescopic Hose, High Temperature Telescopic Ventilation Hose Note Five Elements

- Aug 24, 2018-

Telescopic hose, high temperature resistant scale air hose is commonly used in industrial equipment ventilation and dust collection or a hose connection fan ventilation exhaust, high temperature resistant hose expansion main use is used in a variety of mechanical ventilation, ventilation equipment widely used in machine room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, underground cable maintenance, mechanical naval architecture and Marine engineering, fire rescue negative work environment, such as smoke, air supply and exhaust, set in addition to soot, aircraft vehicle emissions drainage of smoke, dust, high temperature humidity gas exhaust, etc. There is a wide range of knowledge about flexible ventilation hoses. What should we pay attention to when ordering suitable high-temperature flexible ventilation hoses?

Order 1, resistance to high scale ventilation hoses must first clear is the dimensions of the hose expansion, by size to narrow the range of some air hose, such as the size of some of the large size, only a few types of pipeline production, more like 500 mm ventilation hose only fabric telescopic duct can produce resistance to 400 degrees, there are also some customers don't know how to choose size, size you just know when the choose and buy: ventilation hoses are connected to the outlet diameter size is air hose diameter size, it can clear the right choice to the appropriate telescopic air hose.

2, clear, high temperature resistant scale after the size of the air hose, make clear the temperature range of air hose, general ventilation hoses used for general hot air, need to use hot air hose, can choose according to the requirements of the pipe temperature, the temperature of the different choice of different pipes, the higher the temperature, resistant to choose the air hose, the more expensive, so, choose a suitable hose can save costs.

3. Some special high temperature resistant ventilation hoses are also required for pressure, such as the ventilated positive pressure air ducts or the pumped negative pressure air ducts to order different expansion ventilation hoses according to different pressure sizes.

4. If there is no temperature or pressure requirement for the selection of ventilation hose, the suitable ventilation pipe can be selected according to the type commonly used in the industry or according to the customer's preference.

5. Material problem of high-temperature expansion wind pipe. There are many kinds of materials, including nylon fabric, glass fiber, PVC square bone, high-grade aluminum foil, PP steel wire, silica gel glass fiber and other materials. The specific choice of the air duct material, you can consult according to their use, will be based on your needs to provide targeted solutions.