Pipeline Connector Patch Application Area

- Aug 24, 2018-

The editor has previously introduced the pipe connector and pipe patch to you, and I believe you have a basic understanding of this new product, then the pipe connector patch is used in what industries, what materials of the pipe.

Application fields: surface/underground engineering, shipbuilding/offshore oil platforms, water, gas/natural gas supply, electricity, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance.

Applicable pipeline: natural gas pipeline, Marine pipeline, oil pipeline, water supply and drainage pipeline, oil pipeline, compressed air pipeline, aviation/car dedicated pipeline, sea water, fresh water pipeline, turbine, air conditioning pipeline, oil pipeline, ventilation pipe, sludge pipeline, cable protection pipe, fire smoke suction line, pipeline, water power line, etc.

Due to the wide range of applicable fields and pipelines for pipeline connector patch, only some commonly used fields and pipelines have been written. The connection repair tools selected by enterprises are different according to the working conditions.