Popular Density Glass Wool Blanket loading container

- Jun 30, 2020-

Glass wool blanket with its own excellent insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing performance won everyone's affirmation, indoor partition glass wool felt;Glass wool sound-absorbing ceiling, glass wool tube shell, industrial insulation glass panel, industrial insulation glass wool felt centrifugal glass wool fiber inside fluffy staggered, there are a lot of tiny pores, is a typical porous sound-absorbing material, with good sound-absorbing characteristics.Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wall board, ceiling, space sound absorber, etc., can absorb a lot of sound energy in the room, reduce reverberation time, reduce indoor noise.

One of the most popular glass wool blanket with density 28kg/m3 have loaded more than ten containers this month.

Thanks to the production staff, loading personnel.


glass wool blanket


loading container