Precautions In The Use Of High Temperature Telescopic Hose

- Aug 24, 2018-

Telescopic duct high temperature, high temperature resistance and ventilation tube is usually used for ventilation and exhaust of a heat ventilation duct, on the market often see some duct for example "400 degrees high temperature duct LKE400 resistance, resistance to high temperature high temperature duct LKE450, 600 degrees 500 degrees telescopic duct LKE460, supreme, and resistance to high temperature of 900 degrees duct LKE490" products, such as duct series products of various kinds, different temperature range and the high temperature of different material duct resistance is little different, its application is different also, So in the production and life of the use of pressure - resistant high - temperature expansion duct when it is worth our attention?

1. The temperature tolerance limit of the product shall be clarified. If the product exceeds the temperature limit, the air duct will not be durable. For example, high temperature wind pipe ventilation is used at room temperature of 400 degrees, and the instantaneous temperature reaches 450 degrees (only for short time). If the air duct is used for a long time at the temperature beyond the limit range of the air duct can withstand, the air duct will not be durable. Therefore, the use of high temperature air ducts or other industrial hoses must be kept at the standard temperature, and the highest temperature can be reached immediately, but not exceed the standard temperature for a long time, so as not to cause the air ducts to break.

2. The high temperature resistant air duct can be telescopic or not extendable. When using, it should be noted that the non-telescopic air duct cannot be compressed together and should not exceed its minimum bending radius when bending. The retractable air duct should not be overstretched during stretching and cannot be stretched beyond its standard length.

3. The pressure range should be noted when using the high temperature air duct, which can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. The negative pressure air duct can be used for exhaust air, while the negative pressure air duct can be used for ventilation and exhaust air. If the pressure is too high, the air duct will be flattened or broken, so it is necessary to make a distinction between pumping and discharging.

4, the size of the duct, high temperature resistant telescopic duct is commonly used in industrial ventilation exhaust, high-temperature duct is usually will install to the production equipment to use, so the high temperature air duct diameter size must be matching equipment such as connection, if the duct diameter is too big, after connected devices may result in outlet air leakage, you can't do normal exhaust ventilation, if the diameter is too small, duct can't connected to the equipment, and ventilation exhaust wind speed will be limited to a certain, directly affect our industrial equipment's normal operation.

5, air circulation medium, pipe flow medium is different, use of hose is different also, some of the circulation medium is a chemical product, then we use high temperature resistant pipe have to be able to prevent corrosion of chemical products, and we choose the high temperature duct to conform to the requirements of the circulation medium concentration, temperature and so on, different composition of media we should use different material of high temperature air duct in transmission.