Refrigeration Ducting Installation Technology 02

- Apr 11, 2019-

5. The exhaust pipe and the return pipe should have a certain slope. When the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the exhaust pipe should be inclined to the condenser and a liquid ring should be installed at the compressor exhaust port to prevent the gas from cooling and liquefying after shutdown. At the high pressure exhaust port, the liquid is compressed when the machine is started again.

6. U-bend should be installed at the outlet of the return pipe of the air-cooling fan. The return air pipe should be inclined to the direction of the compressor to ensure smooth oil return.

7. The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the cooling fan. The solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, the valve body should be vertical and the direction of the liquid should be noted.

8. If necessary, install a filter on the compressor return line to prevent dirt in the system from entering the compressor and remove moisture from the system.

9. Before the sodium and lock nut of the refrigeration system are tightened, the lubricating oil should be wiped to lubricate, and the sealing property should be strengthened. After tightening, wipe it clean and the roots of each cutting door should be locked.

10. The temperature sensor of the expansion valve is fastened with a metal card at the outlet of the evaporator at 100mm-200mm, and is tightly wrapped with double insulation.

11. After the whole system is welded, air tightness test is carried out, and the high pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.8MP. The low-pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. The soap is leaked during the pressure-filling. The welds, flanges and valves are carefully inspected. After the leak is completed, the pressure is kept for 24 hours without pressure drop.