Rock Wool Board Plays An Important Role In Modern Architecture

- Aug 24, 2018-

Rock wool board is an indispensable material for insulation, fire protection and sound insulation in modern architecture. Widely used industrial equipment, buildings, ships for insulation, sound insulation, fire protection. In the process of producing rock wool board, different additives can be added according to the actual use to achieve specific efficacy. For example: Marine and hydrophobic rock wool insulation board, is used for ship insulation and fire insulation. The hydrophobic additive is added in the production process of rock wool board.

Rock wool board is mainly made of hydrophobic rock wool board produced by pendulum method as thermal insulation material, which adopts the bonding technology to connect and fix with the base wall, and is made of the plastering paste and reinforced glass fiber net cloth as well as the decoration mortar veneer or paint. The external thermal insulation system of the exterior wall of rock wool board, with advantages of low thermal conductivity, good air permeability and high combustion performance, can be applied to the energy-saving thermal insulation project of the exterior wall of newly built, expanded and rebuilt residential buildings and public buildings, including the external thermal insulation of exterior wall, non-transparent curtain wall and the fire insulation belt of EPS external thermal insulation system.