Rock Wool Wall Panel

- Apr 02, 2019-


Different production quality of rock wool wall panel equipment prices are also different

The finished rock wool wall panel that people see on the market is processed by the high-temperature basalt raw material into the inorganic fiber board. Of course, this is only a brief explanation, and the actual operation process is very troublesome. The operation process is inseparable from the production equipment, and therefore the price of the rock wool wall panel equipment is different, resulting in different quality of the rock wool wall panel produced. So let's take a closer look.

The rock wool cutting machine cuts the entire rock wool wall panel into a shape to meet the needs of people on the market. The cutting machine can be cut with multiple saw blades and is dozens of times more than a typical cutting machine. If you choose a low-grade rock wool cutting machine, the effect will be different, and the work efficiency will not improve and affect the production quality. Let's say that the good cutting machine is very stable, it will not have too much vibration when cutting, the cutting accuracy is high, and it can also be done according to different requirements of customers, so the price of rock wool wall panel equipment is extremely important.