Rubber Insulation Sheet

- Apr 02, 2019-

2_副本Vulcanization is one of the main processes in the processing of rubber products. Under heating or irradiation conditions, the raw rubber in the rubber compound reacts with the vulcanizer to crosslink the macromolecules of the linear structure into a three-dimensional network structure. Macromolecules, resulting in physical and mechanical properties and other properties of the compound

Significant improvement, this process is called vulcanization. With the development of technology and production, vulcanizers and high temperatures are no longer necessary for vulcanization. Some compounds can be used at lower temperatures or even at room temperature. Vulcanization, some rubber compounds can be cross-linked by physical methods such as y-rays without

For the vulcanizing agent, the rubber material of any rubber sheet is a multi-component system data which is composed of the main materials and various cooperative agents, and each component has a certain effect.

Softening plasticizer and other processing aids can make the rubber compound have the necessary technological functions, improve the cold resistance, and reduce the cost; the anti-aging agent can improve the anti-aging function of the vulcanized rubber, and protect the various types of aging, then Extend the life of the rubber sheet.

Industrial rubber has a wide range of applications and a large amount of use. It is an important material that cannot be replaced in today's industrial development.