Silicone Flexible Duct Connectors

- Apr 25, 2019-

Basic Info

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Product Description

High Quality Flexible Duct Connector!

The main material is silicone coated fabrics, fireproof and airproof, it is used to connect blower and pipe system.

Flexible Duct Connector Technical Parameters:

Size range: 7.5cm(galvanized steel)+ 10/15/20/25cm(fireproof fabric)+7.5cm(galvanized steel).

Temperature range: -70º C ~ 280º C.

Tensile strength: (N) 3000 X 2100.

Anti-tear strength: (N) 260 X 250.


Flexible Duct Connector Features:

1.Quick and economical.

2.Strong air tight lock seams.

3.Unmatched durability and strength.

4.Available in various widths of metal and fabric.

5.Fire rated and high temp resistant fabric is available for special applications.

Flexible Duct Connector Application:

To meet every type of installation requirement, apply to industrial, commercial and residential. Ventilation system to eliminate vibrations caused by air handing units, fans and other equipment connected to air ducts. 


Flexible Duct Connector Description: 

1. Isolation of sound and vibration from the source, double lock seam jointed duct flexible connector fabric is used which is fixed to galvanized steel sheet metal on either side.

2. One end of the galvanized steel sheet metal is anchored with the equipment and the other end is anchored with the duct work. 

Different sizes are available as required!