Single Layer Air Vent For Ceiling Hvac System

- Mar 26, 2020-

Single louver air vent

I. Product selection points

1. The main control parameters of the louver tuyere are the tuyere type, material, specifications, outlet wind speed, total pressure loss, and airflow range.

2. The materials of the air outlet are mainly steel and aluminum alloy.

3. Selection points

1) Select the appropriate air outlet type according to the engineering characteristics, the type of airflow organization required, the adjustment performance, and the air supply method.

2) According to the required air volume [supply air or exhaust (return) air], determine the required air outlet size within the allowable wind speed range of the air outlet neck (or the cross section of the air inlet and outlet). When determining the size of the air outlet according to the air outlet wind speed (generally 2 ~ 5m / s), the effective area ratio of the air outlet (typically 30% ~ 60%) should be considered.

3) Check the main technical performance of the selected tuyere, such as range, pressure loss, noise index, and wind speed and temperature difference in the working area.

4) Determine the layout and installation of the selected air outlet and the connection with the air duct.

Construction and installation points

1. Check the mechanical properties of the tuyere before installation.

a) The moving parts of the tuyere must be free to move, uniformly damped, and free from seizure and looseness.

b) Products with adjustable or removable deflectors require easy and reliable adjustment and removal, and no loosening after positioning.

2. The exterior decorative surface of the air vent should be flat, the blades should be evenly distributed, the color should be consistent, and there should be no obvious scratches and indentations.