Square Aluminum Air Diffuser 450mm

- Sep 03, 2019-

There are some other fine things in the process of production of aluminum alloy tuyere. We will analyze for you specifically. When making the aluminum alloy air passage on the spot, set a special fan or fan at the cut-off route 1~2 meters. The dust that occurs at the time of opening is blown to the relatively open area where the ventilation is relatively excellent. The dust is selected by the production personnel and the influence on the horizon. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of protection. It should also be too fine for the remaining materials after the construction of the day. Things should be stored in time and not allowed to organize at will, which is also very important.

Aluminum alloy tuyere features

1. Our aluminum alloy tuyere has single-layer adjustable blades for different air supply distances and different diffusion angles.

2. Can be used as air supply and return air outlet

3. Optional aluminum or iron production

4. Use with the regulating valve separately for the air supply port

5. It can be made into an openable structure and used in conjunction with the filter screen.

Aluminum alloy tuyere use

Beijing Fanrun Technology Aluminum Alloy Louver vents are usually installed on pipes or side walls for side air vents. Aluminum alloy vents have two layers of adjustable angle movable blades, and short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the supply airflow. To change the direction of the airflow; and adjust the long blades to allow the airflow to attach to the ceiling or to a certain angle of inclination (when the warm air is supplied). The outer blades of the aluminum alloy tuyere or the blades of the aluminum alloy tuyere can be parallel to the long side. , can also be parallel to the short side, can be selected according to customer requirements.

The aluminum alloy tuyere is a soft decoration for the new house. The newly built building will be basically used for decoration. It is one of the indispensable accessories. It is the need of modern people to advocate a healthy and comfortable life. The double-layer adjustable blades in the aluminum alloy tuyere can obtain different air supply distances and different diffusion angles.

Aluminum alloy tuyere structure

Nowadays, aluminum alloy tuyere in building decoration is widely used as air supply in air conditioning system. Dezhou Dongrun air-conditioning equipment can be equipped with aluminum air volume control valve (lip-type gate) behind the tuyere according to the requirements of use. The aluminum alloy tuyere has two layers of mutual Vertical blades adjust the angle of the horizontal and vertical blades, adjust the airflow diffusing surface to change the range, and can be used in special ventilation systems.