The Classification Of Aluminum Foil Flexible Duct

- Apr 16, 2019-

According to the structure can be divided into:

1. Aluminum foil single tube - made of laminated aluminum foil composite film wrapped around high elastic spiral tough steel wire. It is suitable for high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is easy to install and can be directly installed on the elliptical interface. In case of high temperature or fire, no toxic gas is generated. Has a high temperature and fire resistance. ;

2. Aluminum foil insulation pipe---The inner layer structure is the same as the single pipe. It is covered with glass wool insulation layer (generally 16kg/m3*25mm), and the outermost layer is sleeve. It is usually a layer of aluminum foil compound plus a layer of PET. Film or aluminum foil fiberglass cloth; suitable for high-pressure, medium-pressure, low-pressure air conditioning and ventilation systems. Flame retardant, pressure resistant, and heat preservation. Can be mounted directly on an oval interface.

3. Aluminum foil silencer hose - the structure is the same as the aluminum foil insulation pipe, and the pinhole is evenly distributed on the inner pipe, which is the effect of the noise generated by the airflow in the absorption pipe;

4. Composite hose - aluminum foil + PET film + PVC layer structure, PVC can be white or black.

5.PVC pipe: It is formed by laminated black or white PVC composite spring steel wire;

6. Square or rectangular duct: square and rectangular insulation hoses are made of high-quality laminated aluminum foil wrapped around high-elastic spiral steel wire, which is covered with glass fiber insulation layer. The outer moisture-proof layer is made of strong and fire-resistant reinforced aluminum foil. Suitable for soft connection before the flow or at the air outlet of the fan coil.