The Influence Of Central Air-conditioning Air Supply And Return

- Jul 21, 2020-

The central air conditioner sends back air mode: side send and side return, upper send and upper return, middle air send, lower send and return, and upper send and return. The cooling and heating effect of the central air conditioner has a lot to do with the return air design of the central air conditioner. A reasonable return air design can not only create a good airflow organization, but also give people an excellent sense of comfort. . Let's take a look at those things about central air conditioning vents.

Each design of the return air of the central air conditioner will produce different effects:

For example, the design of the return air flow from the top to the bottom can form a flat flow, so there are fewer vortices, so the velocity of the section is more uniform. Generally, the cleanliness of the space is very high, and the temperature and humidity require special space. , It is most suitable to use this method of sending back air;

The top-to-back air supply method cannot be used in the return air situation in the lower part of the room, because it will short-circuit the indoor air flow and affect the effect of the central air conditioning;

The air supply method of bottom sending and top returning is particularly suitable for occasions where the ground source is close to the ceiling and the amount of indoor residual humidity is particularly large. This method of sending back air is the most ideal and economical choice;

The side-feeding and side-returning method is more inclined to be used in occasions with uneven airflow, temperature and speed.

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