The Introduction Of Different HVAC Air Grille

- May 12, 2020-

By material

        Aluminum alloy tuyere

        ABS tuyere

        PVC tuyere


        1. The box body is made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, the outer surface is electrostatically sprayed with a diffuser plate.

        2. The structure is compact, the sealing performance is reliable, the air inlet mode has side air inlet and top air inlet, and the flange opening has square and round structure.

        3. Sometimes the clean room is limited by the height of civil engineering or must be used in a compact design, you can choose the integrated high-efficiency filter air outlet.

        4. There are insulation layer and stainless steel material to choose from.


        1. The air intake method has side air intake and top air intake, and the flange opening has square and round structure.

        2. It has the advantages of strong versatility, simple construction and low investment;

        3. Ensure the jet velocity of the air flow and prevent the generation of vortices;


        1. Clean rooms with various clean levels and multiple maintenance structures.

        2. Material of tuyere: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate and plastic;

        3. Used for roof air supply of non-uniform clean room,

        4. There are various forms of diffuser plates, beautiful, smooth and uniform style;