The Reason For The Aging Of The Exterior Wall Heat Insulation Glass Wool Board Is Roughly These

- Apr 23, 2019-

Nowadays, the external wall heat insulation glass wool board has become a necessity for high-rise buildings. It is not only a kind of protection for the external wall, but also an effect of heat preservation and energy saving. However, as the use time increases, the external wall insulation board will also appear aging phenomenon. Then, what are the reasons for the aging of the external wall heat insulation glass wool board?


Thermal Stress

Thermal stress, that is, thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference changes. Thermal stress is one of the main destructive forces of high-rise building exterior wall insulation boards, which causes volume changes in non-structural structures, so that it is always in an unstable state. High-rise buildings are more exposed to sunlight, and therefore have greater thermal stress and greater deformation.


Wind pressure

Wind pressure, in general, positive wind pressure produces thrust and negative wind pressure produces suction. This will cause great damage to the outer wall insulation board of the high-rise building. Especially in the negative wind pressure state, the volume of the air layer in the outer wall insulation board will expand and cause damage to the external wall insulation board.