The Selection Of Air Outlet

- Dec 02, 2020-

Arrangement and selection of air outlets

Regarding the setting of the number of fresh air, generally one fresh air outlet + one return air outlet are set in a room. In places with larger space, such as customers and restaurants, two sets of new exhaust vents can be installed. If the location of the fresh air outlet is not well chosen, it will affect the air circulation in the entire space, making the effect of the fresh air less than expected.

The following first introduces some principles that need to be paid attention to when determining the position of the top air outlet of the central fresh air system:

1. The farther the distance between the fresh air outlet and the return air outlet is, the better, and it is best to form a diagonal angle; this is for greater air circulation. If the air outlet is too close, there may be wind blowing. As a result, the flow of fresh air flow is more thorough. Generally, the distance between the new return air outlets should be kept above 1.5 meters. This is also the reason why the air supply effect of the ground air supply is better, because one tuyere is on the top and the other is on the bottom, forming effective convection.

2. Keep a distance between the return air outlet of the fresh air and the air outlet of the air conditioner to avoid the cold air being sucked away by the return air.

3. The wind speed of the fresh air is about 1-2 meters. In winter, if you blow it against you, you may feel a breeze, and comfort will be affected. The fresh air outlet of the bedroom is generally placed at the end of the bed, far away from people.

4. Near the sofa in the living room, the dining room, above the desk, etc. These areas are the places where the owner of the room often moves, but also the places where fresh air is most needed. On-demand distribution is to deliver fresh air to where the human body needs it most.

5. The exhaust outlet should be arranged as far as possible in the dead corner of the room where the dirty air accumulates and is difficult to remove, so as to help completely eliminate the hazard.

6. The location of the fresh air outlet is as close as possible to the fresh air main engine to reduce the length of the air duct and reduce the loss of fresh air volume.

Of course, the above principles need to be considered when the site conditions permit. There are many construction sites that do not have such design conditions and there is no way, such as no ceiling, insufficient space, etc.