The Size Of Air Outlet

- Dec 08, 2020-

The size of the air outlet depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. If the air outlet is too large and the air duct is too long, the airflow speed will decrease, which will affect the air conditioning effect; if the air outlet is too small, the airflow speed will increase. This can cause discomfort caused by the wind on the human body, and may also cause excessive noise.

Since the wind speed at the outlet of the wind plate is generally higher than that of the inlet, when the air volume is constant, the area of the air inlet is larger than the air outlet. If the inlet and outlet ports are installed reversely, the air volume will decrease, but the outlet temperature will increase. If the heating effect is poor, there may be problems in the selection of the fan, and more likely to have problems with the water flow. For example, the filter is clogged, the pipe is trapped, and the amount of water flowing through the coil is less than the rated amount, which will lead to the poor heating effect.

The size of the outlet/return air vent of the central air conditioner is not clearly specified, and it can be flexibly adapted according to the home decoration. The size of the outlet/return air vent depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. The width of the outlet and return air can basically be fixed, but the length should be determined according to the length of the indoor unit and the decoration environment.