The Types Of Air Conditioner

- Apr 09, 2019-

1. According to the purpose of use, what kind of air conditioner can be divided into?

Comfortable air conditioning: the temperature is suitable, the environment is comfortable, there is no strict requirement for the adjustment of temperature and humidity, and it is used in housing, office, theater, shopping mall, stadium, automobile, ship, airplane, etc.

Process air conditioner: There is a certain adjustment accuracy requirement for temperature, and the cleanliness of air must have higher requirements. Used in electronic equipment production workshops, precision instrument production workshops, computer rooms, biological laboratories, etc.

2. According to the air treatment method, which categories can be divided into?

Centralized air conditioning: The air handling equipment is concentrated in the central air conditioning room, and the treated air is sent to the air conditioning system of each room through the air duct. It is suitable for places with large area, concentrated rooms, and relatively close heat and humidity loads in each room.

Semi-centralized air conditioning: An air conditioning system with both central air conditioning and air handling end devices. This kind of system is more complicated and can achieve higher adjustment accuracy. It is suitable for workshops and laboratories with high requirements on air precision.

Partial air conditioning: Each room has its own air conditioning unit that handles air, such as a split air conditioner. It can also be a system consisting of a fan-coil air conditioner in which pipes are concentrated to provide hot and cold water, and each room adjusts the temperature of the room as needed.

3. Which categories can be classified according to the cooling capacity?

Large air conditioning units: such as horizontal assembly watering type, table cooling air conditioning units, used in large workshops, cinemas, etc.

Medium-sized air conditioning units: such as chillers and cabinet air conditioners, used in small workshops, machine rooms, conference halls, restaurants, etc.

Small air conditioning units: split air conditioners for offices, homes, guest houses, etc.

4. According to the amount of fresh air, what kind of air conditioner can be divided into?

DC system: The treated air is fresh air, sent to each room for heat and humidity exchange and discharged to the outside, without return air duct.

Closed system: The air treated by the air conditioning system is completely recirculated, and the system that does not supplement the fresh air is used.

Hybrid system: The air treated by the air conditioner is a mixture of return air and fresh air.

5, according to the air supply speed classification?

High-speed system: The main air duct wind speed is 20-30m/s.

Low speed system: The main air duct wind speed is below 12m/s. bring you more HVAC parts information.