Three Types Of Aluminum Air Grilles

- Aug 18, 2020-

Fixed blade oblique air supply air grille: According to the place of use, it can adopt one-way oblique air supply or two-way oblique air supply. This type of air outlet has a novel design and beautiful appearance. It can be used as air supply or return air. Equipped with multi-leaf on-off regulating valve and filter

Double-layer aluminum alloy shutter air grille: Generally used as an air outlet, it can also be used directly with a fan coil. It is widely used at the end of a centralized air conditioning system. It can also be split with a multi-leaf regulating valve to adjust the air volume.

Single-layer aluminum alloy shutter air grille: the wind direction can be adjusted up and down, the return air outlet can be combined with the air outlet filter, and the angle of the segment can be adjusted. The fixed filter can be removed from the slide during cleaning, and then pushed in from the slide after cleaning to continue using it.

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