Three Ways To Choose Good Double-sided Tape

- Aug 24, 2018-

1. Smell.

The qualified tape produced by normal manufacturers is odorless. If you find a sour smell when you buy the tape, don't buy it. Because this kind of adhesive tape is very poor maintenance, especially in the low temperature environment, the adhesive tape is easy to crack, and will soon lose its adhesiveness, this kind of adhesive tape must be inferior products.

2. Look at the film brightness and feel the film thickness.

The color of inferior double-sided tape product can be darker than qualified tape a lot, and with the word that the hand touches, general inferior tape can compare hard, and because film is thicker, actual meter number can reduce for certain. The film of good adhesive tape is soft and has good tensile property. Therefore, the brightness and thickness of the tape film are two very important indicators, which must be carefully observed.

Look at the color of the double-sided tape.

The whiter the outer color of the scotch tape, the less impurities of the tape, so as to ensure normal adhesion. All the adhesive tape products under 100 meters have a certain transparency, and the paper tube can be seen. And inferior tape is met commonly slant yellow, the surface also is distributing irregular white dot, press with the hand can have the impurity that cannot wipe or glue is dry imprint. Poor quality double-sided tape manufacturing process is sure to be very rough, so the color of the tape will definitely be yellow, there are impurities on the surface.