Types Of Hvac Ceiling Diffusers

- May 12, 2020-

There are two series of outlets, I and II. Series I is in the form of replaceable filters, and Series II is in the form of disposable tuyeres, both of which are under-air supply.

Air outlet series Ⅰ: The air outlet is composed of high-efficiency filter, high-quality thin steel plate, aluminum alloy diffusion orifice plate, etc. It is easy to install, reliable sealing, and can easily replace the filter. The takeover method can adopt top connection or side connection.

 Tuyere Series II: There are two types of ultra-thin and thin. All are one-time air outlets, which are easy to replace (just remove the hose clamp of the soft joint between the air supply pipe and the air outlet). This series is especially suitable for purification air-conditioning systems with restricted ceiling space. Main advantages: The box structure is simple and reliable, strong ventilation, uniform air supply, easy installation and simple maintenance.