Understand The Structural Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Grills

- Aug 04, 2020-

Understand the structural characteristics of aluminum alloy grills

The main components of the aluminum alloy grills are valve body, valve disc, bushing, thin actuator, and grille panel. And here, the internal valve body and valve plate are the important parts that you should be aware of: the valve body is the same primary part of the valve: there are different mechanical manufacturing methods according to the pressure level.

The air outlet grooves of the aluminum alloy tuyere are arranged radially, and the air supply in the air duct is guided by the air outlet groove of the swirling air outlet to produce a combination of jets along the tangent line. Under the function of multiple jets, it becomes a ball Typhoon-like vortices, the primary area of the vortices produces a negative pressure zone, causing the surrounding indoor atmosphere to be quickly confused with the supply air, and all the supply air presents a stable horizontal diverging flow.

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