Ways To Solve The Condensation Problem In Hvac Diffuser

- Jun 02, 2020-

Although dripping condensation is normal, it may cause damp and mildew on the wall surface, or even peel off the wall paint, which affects the appearance of home decoration and the use of air conditioners. So what should I do?

1. The wooden tuyere is the least prone to dew condensation. However, many defects occur in the wooden tuyere, which are not flame retardant, easy to fade, easy to deform, etc.

2. Followed by ABS material air outlet, ABS air outlet is a very good anti-condensation air outlet, try not to use aluminum alloy air outlet.

3. Condensation at the tuyere is generally too high in indoor humidity. After opening the air conditioner, remember to close the doors and windows tightly to avoid the penetration of hot and humid outdoor air. With the operation of the air conditioner, the humidity in the indoor air will gradually decrease and condensation Will disappear.

4. The indoor temperature is set to a high point. When it is just turned on, it can be set to 26~~28 degrees, and it can be adjusted to the desired temperature after a while.

5. Increase the wind speed of the indoor unit, and increase the speed to accelerate the evaporation of condensed dew. That is to say, the large air volume will instantly dry the moisture in the air, thereby reducing the phenomenon of condensation dripping. There will also be a lot of noise.

6. If you think that the wooden tuyere is more expensive, you can put a thin layer of PE insulation board on the edge of the existing central air conditioner tuyere to increase the insulation and reduce the temperature difference.