What Is A Pipe Connector, A Pipe Patch?

- Aug 24, 2018-

Pipe connector:

Pipe connector is a new type of device connection pipe, it combines the merits of traditional fittings and improved, and through the adoption of stainless steel and rubber manufacturing into element combination device to achieve sealing pressure function, when the fluid pressure in balancing the pipe flow, the pipe body internal pressure increases, the pressure on the sealing lip starts to increase, as the pressure on the sealing lip balance, to achieve a self-tightening sealing effect.

The pipe connectors are easy to install without welding. Only the wrench is needed to complete the installation. The pipe with flexible connection can save installation time and reduce the weight of the pipe in large pipe engineering.

Pipe repair:

Pipe repair device is a kind of equipment used for external repair of pipelines. It adopts stainless steel and rubber manufacturing components to assemble to achieve sealing pressure function. There is no need to do any treatment on the pipe end when installation. The pipe repair can be repaired with pressure, and the installation time is only 3-5 minutes, to recover the loss caused by the leakage as soon as possible.

Pipe connector patch can be widely used in petroleum, gas, shipping, water, chemical and other industries, compared to traditional connection repair equipment, pipe connector patch has a wider field of use, especially for high pressure, high temperature, special synthetic material and design can effectively prolong the service life of pressure was relieved from the trouble of frequent replacement.